Step 1

Dig a hole.

Dig the hole 8–12" wider than the footprint of the spa and a minimum of 41" from the desired top of the spa. Be sure to add space for any finishes to the edges like coping.

step 2

Prepare the hole.

Install the filter cloth and weeping tile around the outer edge of the hole. Add a minimum 6" base of 3/4" clear stone.

Step 3

Lower spa in and connect it up.

Lower in the spa and make sure it's at the desired height and level. Tighten the hoses which connect to the pump and connect the electricity.

Step 4

Fill with water.

Fill the tub about 1/3 full before beginning to backfill with 3/4" clear stone. Fill the spa up to about 2–3" below the top height of the spa.

Finish your surrounding surfaces as you like. A variety of elements works well – natural stone, rockeries and built up gardens, maybe even a privacy wall for an added secluded feel. Fill your pool, step in and enjoy…

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