Traditional Inground Spas / Inground Hot Tubs

Traditional Inground Spas / Inground Hot Tubs

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*Automation packages, gas heat, and variable speed pumps are available. Wood Cabinet not included with Automation packages. Please contact us for details.


Heating Packages

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Inground Spas

The feature that sets Immerspa world’s above other inground spas – it’s integrated right into the landscape to give the feel of an oasis and a truly luxurious experience. Immerspa inground spa pools are larger than most, making it seem even more a natural part of the landscape, and well-suited for those occasions with multiple users.


Take yourself away to complete physical and mental relaxation: soothing hot water, a beautiful feeling of weightlessness and penetrating massage jets that all work together to benefit body and mind. Calm joint inflammation or soothe muscles after a workout, inground spa relaxation has many proven physical benefits.

Spa Features

Immerspa hot tub jets are positioned to target therapeutic pressure points and several types of hydro-massage seats are available for the treatment most effective for you. Step-down entry couldn’t be easier with spacious, illuminated steps, and all inground spas models come with any specialized equipment you’ll need.

inground spa by Immerspa with waterfall
inground spa by Immerspa by fire
inground spa by Immerspa in backyard
inground spa by Immerspa

Easy installation

Our fiberglass inground spas were designed for simple installation in mind, requiring only a short amount of time and a few basic materials. With your spa, you’ll get the specialized components needed, pre-assembled for easy assembly.



a hole


the hole.


Lower spa in and connect it up.


Backfill & Level


with water and Enjoy!

Immerspa Lifetime Warranty Badge

Immerspa Lifetime Structural Warranty

Immerspa products are backed by a lifetime structural warranty — giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


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