Inground Cold Plunge Pools

Inground Cold Plunge Pools

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  • Bliss Cold Plunge PoolBliss CP

    Bliss CP

  • Exhale Cold Plunge PoolExhale CP

    Exhale CP

  • Freedom Cold Plunge PoolFreedom CP

    Freedom CP

  • Renewal Cold Plunge PoolAwaken CP

    Awaken CP

  • Renewal Cold Plunge PoolRenewal CP

    Renewal CP

  • Zen Cold Plunge PoolZen CPZen CPZen CP

    Zen CP

*Automation packages, gas heat, and variable speed pumps are available. Wood Cabinet not included with Automation packages. Please contact us for details.


Dive into Refreshing Chill. Immerspa Inground Cold Plunge Pools

Chill your way to vitality as the ImmerSpa Cold Plunge Pool maintains temperatures as low as the mid-40s°F (approximately 7°C) for our Canadian friends and as low as 45°F (7.2°C) for those in the United States. On the flip side, bask in the warmth of up to 105°F (40.5°C), ensuring year-round comfort and enjoyment.

This turn-key cold plunge solution gives you the best of both worlds. Whether you seek the brisk revitalization of a cold dip or the soothing comfort of a warm soak, ImmerSpa delivers it all. It’s your oasis for unwinding, revitalizing, and embracing the transformative power of hydrotherapy.

Discover the true potential of relaxation with ImmerSpa’s Inground Cold Plunge Pool, where every dip is a refreshing journey to well-being. Your private spa sanctuary awaits.

AquaCal Heatwave

The HeatWave SuperQuiet® SQ120R comes equipped with all standard features. The Patented ThermoLink® Titanium Heat Exchanger at its core makes this unit a power-house that’s built to last. The SQ120R features IceBreaker® technology which allows you to heat and cool your pool. Plus, IceBreaker® units extend the swimming season longer than any other heat pump by continuing to operate in low temperatures. 

ImmerSpa proudly partners with AquaCal, a renowned and trusted name in the industry, to provide our customers with premium heat pump solutions for our inground cold plunge pools, hot tubs and spas. With a legacy of excellence, AquaCal is synonymous with quality, efficiency, and reliability. Their cutting-edge heat pump technology ensures that your spa experience remains consistently comfortable, whether you’re relaxing in the warm embrace of your spa during the winter months when the heat pumps are placed in a climate controlled environment, or enjoying a refreshing soak on a summer evening. ImmerSpa’s commitment to delivering the best includes partnering with brands like AquaCal to ensure your satisfaction and trust in our products.

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Rejuvenate, refresh & revitalize with the ImmerSpa Inground Cold Plunge Pool

Crafted to replicate the exquisite aesthetics of our renowned inground spas, this pool now brings the same luxurious ambiance to your backyard oasis.

Dive into a world of refreshing wellness with the ImmerSpa Inground Cold Plunge Pool. Designed to bring you the invigorating Nordic spa experience right in your backyard, this remarkable plunge pool offers a unique blend of rejuvenation and relaxation.

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