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Don’t let the chilly weather keep you from using your pool. An inground spa may keep you in the pool all year. If you want to add a hot tub to your mix, an inground spa is ideal. 

A water feature incorporated into your pool, especially during the colder months of the year when the warm jets can relax you, is an excellent choice for any backyard. You’ll never want to get out. Here are some reasons why an inground spa is ideal for you. 

Aesthetic Appeal 

Spas that are built into the ground have a beautiful look. Their seamless design complements the rest of the pool well. Accent your spa with lights, fountains, or other features to give it flair. 

Spas also offer more seating compared to Jacuzzis since they include a built-in shelf for additional seats. Bubblers, laminators, and sheer descents will round out your spa’s decor. LED lights and jets add to the opulence of the scene. 


Inground spas are adaptable. They may be installed below ground, partially exposed, or above ground. There are several sizes and shapes to choose from. Whether you want a small, two-person spa or a large enough to accommodate a party, they have something for everyone. Spas come in various forms as well. Your spa might be flexible because of its shape, from a basic circle design to one that fits neatly with your pool. 

For smaller backyards, an in-ground spa is ideal. Customize your spa to fit any size. Your hot tub may be used by two people or for a party. Spools, which are a mix of pool and spa, are 8 feet by 12 feet in size, allowing more individuals to stretch out and float. 

Health Benefits 

Spas may aid in the circulation of your body. The heat kills germs and relieves tension from your joints. They can help to move your lymphatic system and soothe deep tissue pain. They may be utilized to massage painful muscles after a taxing day. 

An inground spa is an excellent method to unwind and de-stress. According to research on cardiovascular health, resting in a spa lowers blood pressure. Heart disease and hypertension are both lower risks as a result of this. 

Choice of Materials 

Spas can be constructed from a variety of materials, depending on your preference. You have the following options:  

  • Concrete 
  • Acrylic 
  • Tile 
  • Stone 

Many materials are available for pool design, so matching the style of your pool is simple. For a more powerful massage, built-in jets provide extra power. The top of the spa can be tiled and, if desired, decorated with mosaic tiles. Plaster is used in our spas so you may select the color and add custom tile work around the top and coping such as flagstone, brick or travertine. A salt-water in-ground spa is a wonderful method to add to your pool experience. A spa may allow you to enjoy your pool even in the colder months. There’s an inground pool that suits you, with several custom choices available. 

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