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Ever looked at your backyard and wished you had a swimming pool, but the space just isn’t playing along? We’ve got some good news – enter the plunge pool, your compact backyard oasis solution!

So, what’s a plunge pool? Picture this: it’s like a mini swimming pool that’s bigger than a hot tub but not as large as a traditional pool. It’s like the Goldilocks of pools – just right, especially for cozy spaces where fitting a standard pool seems like a dream.

We’re diving into the details in this article – from what a plunge pool is to whether it’s your perfect match.

What’s a Plunge Pool, Anyway?

Back in the day, having a pool usually meant a huge backyard. But times have changed, and so have pool designs. Enter the plunge pool – the perfect middle ground between a spa and a standard pool. These little gems are typically under 20 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and less than 5 feet deep.

This size gives you options – from small backyards to side spaces, and even indoor sunrooms, your plunge pool can find its happy place.

Why Go for a Plunge Pool?

Alright, you won’t host the next Olympics in a plunge pool, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on benefits. Need some aquatic rehab or exercise? Plunge pools have got your back. You can add jacuzzi or hot tub jets for a soothing massage or heated relaxation. Hydrotherapy, water aerobics – you name it, the plunge pool’s got it.

And even though cannonballs might be off the menu, it’s perfect for cooling off after work or warming up on winter days (thanks to optional heaters that allow them to keep them open year round). Plus, you’re in for some cost savings. Smaller pool, a bit smaller of a price tag, and lower maintenance and utility bills.

The Pricing Picture

Now, let’s talk numbers. Plunge pools usually come with a smaller price compared to traditional pools. It’s simple – smaller pool, smaller costs. But remember, extra features like lighting, waterfalls, additional jets or heating can bump up the cost. Your backyard’s layout also plays a role.

DIY or Not to DIY?

Sure, plunge pools are small, but installing them isn’t a DIY weekend project. It involves precise digging, leveling, plumbing, and more. A pro installer knows their stuff, plus, manufacturers often require certified installers for warranty reasons.

Is a Plunge Pool Right for You?

Ask yourself – do you have a compact backyard? Are you looking for aquatic therapy, or just a cool-off spot? Plunge pools are fantastic, but they’re not for everyone. Keep in mind the size of your space and your pool plans.

If you’re ready to take the plunge (pun intended), connect with us at ImmerSpa. We’re your fiberglass inground pool experts and inground hot tub experts and can help you find the perfect fit for your slice of paradise.

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