hot tub accessories - hot tub accessories

There are various forms of hot tub accessories, some that provide exciting entertainment for backyard parties and others that have practical purposes. You can find options in both categories to care for your spa and create a luxurious backyard retreat.

1. Hot Tub Sponges

It’s possible that your hot tub has a high level of organic matter if you see an oily scum line forming around the water’s edge. Organic matter can accumulate in the water from things such as body lotion, hair products, cosmetics, and dead skin cells that end up in the water while you soak. To reduce the amount of oils in your hot tub, you can take preventive steps like taking a shower before getting in and tying up your hair. Another option is to use hot tub sponges or tennis balls that you can toss in after each use. When you place the floating objects in your hot tub, they will absorb the oils that accumulate on the surface of the water. As a result, the buildup of oils will decrease, and you will notice that scum lines appear less frequently.

2. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Adding small waterproof speakers to float around your hot tub can enhance your euphoric spa session and amplify the emotions that music can evoke. It can also create a relaxing ambiance during a special date night with your significant other.

3. Steps

Having an above-ground hot tub can make getting in and out quite challenging without proper steps. While building steps that match your backyard’s aesthetic may be ideal, you can also purchase steps from your dealer that match your hot tub cabinet. Steps will make getting in and out of your hot tub safer and more convenient for everyone and will help prevent potential injuries from slipping or pulling oneself onto the ledge of the hot tub.

4. Waterproof LED lights

In addition to string lights, adding LED lights to your hot tub can also enhance your experience. Colors can affect our emotions, so using LED lights with different hues can benefit your mood. Various LED colors can cater to your emotional needs, making your hot tub time more fulfilling. The practice is referred to as light therapy or chromotherapy. To help relieve stress while soaking, try adjusting the LED lights to blue. If you use your spa in the morning and want an energy boost, try changing the light to red or orange.

5. Cover Locks

Although hot tubs are enjoyable for all, it’s crucial to take safety measures for families with young children or pets. Installing hot tub cover locks will keep the cover firmly locked whenever it’s not in use. This will safeguard your spa from unauthorized access, prevent your children from accessing it when you are not around, and help maintain the spa’s temperature by effectively trapping heat.

6. A Towel Warmer

Stepping out of a warm spa into the cold can be unpleasant, especially during winter nights. Using a towel heater can be a cost-effective solution to this problem. What’s even better is that some towel heaters have enough space to fit your fluffiest robe!

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