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What is Hot Tub Yoga? 

Hydrotherapy and yoga can improve your well-being and provide an oasis of calm in your busy day. But finding the time for both self-care activities isn’t always easy. 

We have good news: you can create a ritual that incorporates all the benefits of both yoga and a daily soak in about 20 minutes – all from the comfort of your own hot tub haven! 

The Benefits of Yoga Exercises in a Hot Tub 

Anyone comparing hot tubs and researching hot tub pricing should be aware that hydrotherapy provides significant health advantages, including fatigue management and pain relief from chronic and acute musculoskeletal problems. It also promotes healthy rest and activity. 

Meanwhile, yoga’s physical practice increases flexibility, strength, and balance. When you combine the two, you can relax while also revitalizing your body and focusing your attention. 

Put simply, combining hot tub treatment with yoga postures allows you to use all of your senses and opens the door to an enriching daily routine. It offers a method for connecting with your body that is both gentle and available. 

If you haven’t tried practicing yoga in a hot tub, you owe it to yourself to add it into your daily routine. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why: 

Hot Tub Yoga Is a Low-Impact Exercise 

A quality spa, on the other hand, adds to your comfort by making you feel more at ease. This is because water helps support some of your weight. As a result, this might be the ideal option for people who are new to yoga, have an injury, or are simply hesitant about attempting new postures. 

Warm Water Leads to Deeper Stretches 

The heated water in your spa increases the suppleness of your body, relaxing muscles and joints with every relaxation. As a result, even younger yoga practitioners can now achieve greater stretches without difficulty or harm. Sit in your hot tub for a few moments to warm up before beginning for the greatest effects. 

You’ll Be More Relaxed in Your Spa 

Although the physical practice of yoga focuses on stretching and breathing, the mental calmness you achieve is just as important. A relaxing soak in a hot tub has long been known to be therapeutic. So, incorporating light exercise and stretches into your spa may be an excellent method to help clients unwind fully both mentally and physically. 

Adding simple yoga postures to your regular hot tub session can help you create a sanctuary of peace and health in your own backyard. 

Is It Time to Add Something New to Your Day? 

It can be tough to find the sense of calm and contentment you desire, as well as the spare time necessary to exercise your body and relax your mind in today’s hectic world. You may get all of these advantages from an inexpensive refuge in your own home with a daily hot tub yoga practice. Are you convinced?  

Hot Tub Yoga Stretching Exercises to Try 

Begin your hot tub yoga session with light, pleasant movements and attention to avoid any postures that cause pain or discomfort. You could even practice the following poses in a still bath prior to adding the difficulty and excitement of hot tub jets. 

Become one with the Water 

Close your eyes and relax in the hot tub with your feet on the floor and plenty of room to move your upper body about. Close your eyes and feel the water flow around you as you slowly wiggle your spine, pushing against the water in all directions. Begin by making small movements and then expand as you flow with the water and relax your body. Then, bring those natural, flowing motions all the way up into your arms and neck. After a few minutes of quietness in the water, come back to stillness once more. 

Flowing Spinal Twist 

Take a few long, deep breaths and sit up straight. cross your right arm over your left and stretch both arms out in front of you. Bend your arms and reach your hands to touch the opposite shoulders, as if giving yourself a hug. Keep hugging yourself as you gently twist from side to side. Twist to the left, then twist to the right. After a few spins, return to the center. Let your arms float in front of you as you gently bring them to your sides and relax. 

Repeat the exercise, but this time cross your left arm over your right and hug yourself in the same manner as before. Twist from side to side one last time before settling down in the center. 

Buoyant Staff Pose 

Be mindful of your breathing; inhales and exhales should be smooth and equal. Sit comfortably in the hot tub at a 90-degree angle, with your back straight, legs outstretched, and heels on a seat. If you have the opportunity, extend your back even taller, lengthening muscles that run the length of your entire back. 

Fold at your hips and bring your heart closer to your knees. If the stretch is too strong in your legs, fold at your hips and rest your hands on your legs. Bend your knees a little if the stretch is too intense in your legs. Bend your knees to a 90 degree angle and let the water support you. Hold the posture for five to 10 long breaths (or longer) to allow the stretch to deepen, then slowly walk your hands up your legs, unfold your back, and return your feet to the hot tub floor. 

Heart-Opening Flow 

Raise your arms above your head while sitting tall with your feet on the floor. Gently stretch the back of your neck by lowering your chin slightly and opening wide both arms, with palms pressed together just beneath the water. Then press each hand against the water as you open up your arms wide to stretch out. For at least a few complete breaths, allow your chest to expand and tilt your chin up and forward slightly to stretch the front of your neck. 

Move your arms up and down in this manner, inhaling as you tilt your head down and bring your arms together, and exhaling as you sweep them out again. 

Grounded, Cross-Legged Twist 

Take a few natural breaths from a comfortable seated posture. Cross your right foot over your left, keeping your left foot on the floor of the hot tub. Set your right hand on the back of the seat and reach across your right thigh with your left arm. If you’re comfortable, reach up through the top of your head to stretch your spine and twist gently to the right, gazing over your right shoulder. Face forward and uncross your right leg after three relaxed breaths. 

For Total Mind / Body Transformation, Take it Slow! 

Taking your time to practice hot tub yoga postures will help you be more aware of the experience. Some of these activities might push you outside of your comfort zone, but the warmth of the spa water allows them to continue. You’ll see the best results with daily practice, especially if you merge hot tub yoga with your regular wellness and exercise routine. Soon, as you become more limber, energetic, and peaceful, you’ll realize how a daily immersive spa experience may offer new opportunities in your life. 


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