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Getting Rid of Your Old Hot Tub – To Make Room for Your Brand New Immerspa Inground Spa!  

Is your hot tub an old antique of a spa that isn’t worth repairing? It might be in excellent working order, but you have a new one on the way. Perhaps you’re just tired of dealing with hot tubs. In any case, your spa must go immediately, but how? 

Don’t worry, you have a lot of alternatives. Let’s go through some of the more popular approaches. 

Trash It 

This method should only be used for spas that are beyond repair or ones which have irked you tremendously. It’s a dirty but effective approach to cure a headache. 

Start by draining all the water out of the spa. After removing the cabinet pieces (a sledgehammer works), use your reciprocating saw to cut the tub into easily manageable pieces. Load all of the pieces into a truck and take them to the dump. 

You might want to call the dump to find out if they’ll accept the spa before you do any of that though.  

Give It Away 

Even if your spa is not currently in use, giving it away is simple. People are always on the lookout for free things to restore or resell. Look through your local classifieds for ads and you’re likely to come across someone wanting to get rid of a hot tub. They’ll generally pick it up for free, too. 

A hot tub is always a great gift, too! Especially for an individual who is suffering from chronic pain. Maybe you even know someone who has joint or back discomfort. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to offer them the comfort and relaxation that a hot tub provides? 

Trade It! 

Is it possible to turn in your old hot tub for a new one? Some dealers may be receptive to trade-ins, especially when new spas are hard to come by. You didn’t get a new tub? Perhaps you could offer it for other valuables. Check out the classified ads to see what you can find! 

Sell It 

Only offer your spa if it is in excellent operating condition. If you suspect the pump will fail soon, let the buyer know ahead of time so they don’t have to deal with any issues later on. You don’t want them to endure a lot of difficulties and come back to you with the problems. 

If you’re selling a used spa, keep in mind that the price tag might not reflect what you anticipated. The fact that you paid $10,000 for it 10 years ago means little. Furthermore, there is no guide to valuing used spas, so you’re flying blind. 

Repurpose it! 

The most fascinating option is to repurpose your spa and allow your creative talents to flourish. Consider the following: 

  • Water Feature 
  • Aquarium 
  • Fountain 
  • Kids Pool 


If you need any other help getting rid of your old tub before your new Immerspa Inground Spa gets there, we can help! Give us a call!  


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