High-Quality Fiberglass Inground Spas, Hot Tubs and Pools by Nashville Dip Pools

Transform your backyard

Inground Spas, Hot Tubs & Pools

Bring the spa experience home and create the oasis of your dreams.
Immerspa, relax, heal and rejuvenate in your own inground spa.

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Make Every Day a Getaway

Imagine it – a luxurious water garden in a secluded spot all your own.

With Immerspa that dream easily becomes reality.  Our expert team can help you transform your backyard into a private oasis that delivers the natural healing benefits of a hot spring!  Why not make life with a spa the very best it can be.  A gorgeous addition to any landscape, whether set in lush gardens or a contemporary patio area, an Immerspa inground spa pool easily transforms your outdoor space into a year-round private paradise!

traditional INGROUND SPAS


Cocktail pools

Easy installation

Our fiberglass inground spas were designed for simple installation in mind, requiring only a short amount of time and a few basic materials. With your spa, you’ll get the specialized components needed, pre-assembled for easy assembly.


Excavate a hole


Prepare the hole


Lower spa in and connect it up.


Backfill & Level


Fill with water and Enjoy! 

Inground Spas

The feature that sets Immerspa world’s above other inground spa pools – it’s integrated right into the landscape to give the feel of an oasis and a truly luxurious experience. Immerspa  inground spa pools are larger than most, making it seem even more a natural part of the landscape, and well-suited for those occasions with multiple users.

Spa Features

Jets are positioned to target therapeutic pressure points and several types of hydro-massage seats are available for the treatment most effective for you. Step-down entry couldn’t be easier with spacious, illuminated steps, and all inground spa models come with any specialized equipment you’ll need.


Traditional Inground Spas

Put the most treasured beauty of nature, right in your own backyard. The Zen, Clarity, Fusion & Solace models blend seamlessly with the landscape to create a rich, tropical space.

Modern Inground Spas

A retreat of pure elegance and sophistication – a perfect addition to your home. This is a treat you’ll want to share with friends just as much as you want to keep it all to yourself!



Thinking of a more spacious pool, for maximum fitness and swimming pleasure? Get the same fiberglass, single mold technology in a full-size pool.

inground hot tub fiberglass pools Immerspa child
Relax next to a cocktail pool or spa by Immerspa
Immerspa inground spa New Hampshire Project
Baby plays in a waterfall leading into an Immerspa inground hot tub

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